Privacy Policy

MemoPoints is an independent online media platform.

What We Collect

At MemoPoints, we collect personal data with the full permission of our viewers. This data is gathered when readers leave comments in the provided box. Comments represent the feedback and opinions of our readers or visitors on various topics. The information we collect includes IP addresses, email addresses, and names.

Before comments are published, they undergo a review process by an administrator. Please note that comments containing racist content, spam, links unrelated to the content, or any other inappropriate material may not be approved for publication.


We welcome visitors to upload pictures to our site; however, images with embedded location data, including EXIF GPS, are not permitted. Videos and images found on our site can be downloaded, but we kindly request that you provide due credit when doing so.


After leaving a comment on our site, readers have the option to save their name and email address. This option is provided for your convenience, eliminating the need to re-enter this information the next time you leave a comment. You can simply check a box at the lower end of the form to fulfill this request. The information will be stored in your browser until you leave another comment, and it will remain valid for one year.

Content from Other Websites

Our content may include embedded content from other websites, such as videos, pictures, and articles. We always credit the source of these materials. Embedded content from external sources behaves in the same way as if you had visited the originating website, and your data may be collected during your interaction with these embedded sites.

Data Duration

If you have left a comment on MemoPoints, the comment and its associated metadata will be retained on our site indefinitely. This is done to allow other readers to view and follow up on different opinions related to the topic of discussion.

Registered users on our website have their personal data stored in their user profiles. All users have the ability to access their profiles at any time to edit or delete the information they have provided. It’s important to note that usernames cannot be changed by users. Administrators, however, have the authority to access and edit the information in user profiles.

Readers’ Rights

Visitors who have registered an account on MemoPoints have the right to request an exported file containing their personal information, including any data they have provided. Additionally, users can request the removal of their data from our site. However, we will retain any information that we are obligated to keep for administrative, legal, and security purposes. Your privacy and data protection are important to us, and we are committed to adhering to these principles.